Podcast: Family & Relationship Vocabulary


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Lesson 1 Quiz

Circle the best word to complete each sentence:

  1. A friend of mine gave / took / went birth to her son at home with the help of a nurse.
  2. A number of the kids in my classroom come from broken / damaged / hurt
  3. After a hostile / cruel / bitter divorce from his wife of 20 years, the actor married a woman young enough to be his daughter.
  4. I see my excepted / expanded / extended family once a year, during our annual family vacation.
  5. I was raised in a very iovful / loving / tender family, in which everyone helped each other.
  6. I was created / grown / raised by my grandparents after my parents passed away.
  7. I’m on good friends / relations / terms with all my former boyfriends.
  8. John had a carefree / careful / careless childhood, growing up with happily married parents and three brothers.
  9. Many women regret giving / having / taking an abortion, years afterwards.
  10. My aunt’s going through a messy / sloppy / untidy divorce; she’s paying a fortune in legal fees.
  11. My husband doesn’t get along with a few of my family people / individuals /
  12. Although my salary is low, I get child assistance / provision / support from my ex-husband.
  13. My sister got / had / made pregnant immediately after she got married.
  14. My son is making a diagram of our family roots / tree / web for a school project.
  15. My wife is pregnant with twins. They’re come / due / here in February.
  16. Sally was granted sole custody / guardian / keeping of the children from her first marriage.
  17. The celebrity wrote a book about his debilitated / defective / dysfunctional
  18. The divorce contract / reimbursement / settlement awarded the wife $500,000.
  19. There are four people in my close / immediate / neighboring
  20. They have three biological children and two adopted / adoptive / adopting